Friday, May 28, 2010

ACV and Itching

So today I rinsed with ACV the first time. I found and old sports squeeze bottle and filled it with 1 cup water and 1/4 cup ACV. Drew is also trying this no poo thing with me so in a week or so I can compare the results with my straight boring hair and his jew fro hair. My hair is definitely more greasy then normal but I expected this. It's actually better than I expected for not having used shampoo in 5 days.

Drew's hair is not as greasy as mine but his is also a lot shorter and coarser. His curls seem more defined and shiny. My hair still looks dull but I also haven't dyed it in awhile so the dullness is probably an artifact from the faded hair color. I think I'm just going to dye it in a few days and deal with the non-hippiness of that. It's hard to let red hair just grow out.

The only problem I'm having (not related to the no poo) is that my full body hives just won't quit. My skin felt great after dipping into the pool but I've been back to itching constantly and it's making me feel nuts. I just went out and bought my oatmeal Aveeno body wash, which isn't all that natural but has so far been the only body wash to give me any sense of relief from the itching.

I slathered on my vaseline intensive rescue fragrance free lotion as soon as I got out of the shower so I hope this holds. I'm at my wits end with this itching crap. I take a million drugs for it and they only help so-so. I still itch regardless of what I do. And my laundry detergent is just baking soda and vinegar so I know that's not the issue. I just hope I can resolve this because I'm going nuts.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

C25K Day 1

Well today wasn't such a success. I managed the first 10 minutes but then my asthma took hold and I weezed myself back into my apartment. I overheated pretty fast. Tomorrow I'm going to try this indoors and see if that fixes the problem. For now, I'm going back to my regular gym classes (yoga and circuit training) for the day.

Caffeine update: I had 1 soda. I'm going to try to only drink water the rest of the day.

Monday, May 24, 2010


As Drea pointed out, hippiness increases exponentially. Now that I am a thorough recycling Nazi it is time to bring it up a notch. These are my hippie goals:

  1. Go no 'poo: This is to begin tomorrow when I get home to Knoxville. I will update my progress on this blog.
  2. Start a vermicompost bin on my patio: A vermicompost bin involves using red wigglers (worms) to compost the materials. This is an easy, small and fairless scentless method of composting suitable for apartments. I will be updating my progress with this as well.
  3. Start a patio garden: There are a ton of things I can plant and grow myself so what better way to use the fruits of my composting then by gardening?
  4. Get rid of caffeine/sodas from my diet: This will be the most difficult.
  5. Add more raw/natural foods to my diet: Probably the second most difficult

Well I have quite a list going. So I will try to update with regular progress reports from here on out. Wish me luck!


I don't intend to make this a dream blog. But I just had a very weird and detailed dream and I wanted to write it down somewhere.

So the dream took place at my parents' house. Not as it is in reality. In the dream my parents had been remodeling the house to resemble a one floor mansion made out of adobe. There were a lot of rooms and large hallways with lush pillows and seating to hang out on. We must have been having some sort of weekend long party because a lot of people were milling about the grounds.Yes, the grounds.

I was walking around with some of my friends and kind of making the social rounds. I see Jessi and Matt and start talking to them and catching up. Jessi makes a comment in passing about Matt going on a date (with another girl). This confused me so I kept trying to get her alone to tell me about this 'date'. I finally get her alone and start coaxing the story out of her.

First she starts to tell me how one of her other friends has been trying to talk her out of going to medical school. I said I agreed that she shouldn't go because seeing all the sick people would remind her about how sick she is and she might get more infections from being around so many sick people. Or something like that. Then I ask her how this all relates to Matt's 'date' and what that was about.

Finally, she tells me that she found out he had been seeing a girl he met in 2009 when he was in school and they had been sleeping together since then. And I said, "so he has been cheating on you?" And she got mad at said that's why she didn't want to talk to anyone about it. She didn't want people giving her rash advice to leave him or something. And I told her that if I were her I would leave him but that doesn't mean she should. I said that she had two other options. One, they could agree to some ground rules that were equal, i.e. both of them could have outside partners. Or they would have to figure out why he did this and how to prevent it from happening again.

Then we started talking about other stuff because I saw how withdrawn and quiet she was getting (which is not like Jessi, at all). And then I woke up when Sammy rolled over onto my legs.