Friday, May 28, 2010

ACV and Itching

So today I rinsed with ACV the first time. I found and old sports squeeze bottle and filled it with 1 cup water and 1/4 cup ACV. Drew is also trying this no poo thing with me so in a week or so I can compare the results with my straight boring hair and his jew fro hair. My hair is definitely more greasy then normal but I expected this. It's actually better than I expected for not having used shampoo in 5 days.

Drew's hair is not as greasy as mine but his is also a lot shorter and coarser. His curls seem more defined and shiny. My hair still looks dull but I also haven't dyed it in awhile so the dullness is probably an artifact from the faded hair color. I think I'm just going to dye it in a few days and deal with the non-hippiness of that. It's hard to let red hair just grow out.

The only problem I'm having (not related to the no poo) is that my full body hives just won't quit. My skin felt great after dipping into the pool but I've been back to itching constantly and it's making me feel nuts. I just went out and bought my oatmeal Aveeno body wash, which isn't all that natural but has so far been the only body wash to give me any sense of relief from the itching.

I slathered on my vaseline intensive rescue fragrance free lotion as soon as I got out of the shower so I hope this holds. I'm at my wits end with this itching crap. I take a million drugs for it and they only help so-so. I still itch regardless of what I do. And my laundry detergent is just baking soda and vinegar so I know that's not the issue. I just hope I can resolve this because I'm going nuts.


  1. Try mixing real oatmeal with honey for a hydrating body wash.

    As for the no-poo: I didn't read the instructions, so tuesday after the gym I rinsed with 1 TBS white vinegar in 1C water, which made my hair CURLY, and quite nice. Wednesday after futbol, I washed with 1 TBS baking soda in 1C hot water, but didn't pour it right, so it ran down the front half of my head to my face. I can feel a bit of a difference with the both halves, the front still feeling very nice after three days, and the back feeling just a tad greasier from the start. I might wash it sunday morning if we go to Dan's dad's.

    As far as what I've read, you are supposed to do the BS "regularly" (~twice a week) and add the ACV rinse after every couple of weeks to get rid of residue. How does this compare to your sources?

  2. Oh yeah, and why don't you transition into henna?

    Also, can you send me those websites again about worms and composts?

  3. Hi, Erin! :D

    I use henna, and it's kind of a pain in the ass because it has to cure for three hours and you have to blow-dry your head for 25 minutes (for me) while it soaks in, but since I switched my hair doesn't break anymore and the henna makes it super-shiny. I use the Light Mountain brand, Red shade (with the fox on the box). It's way less orange than the colors I used to use.

    I tried no-poo, and for what it's worth, my semi-Jew-fro took it well. It was MUCH softer than its usual coarse self. I applied a tiny bit of lavender essential oil in jojoba carrier oil while my hair was still damp in anticipation of any dryness, and it worked fabulously, so that might work for Drew, too.