Monday, May 24, 2010


As Drea pointed out, hippiness increases exponentially. Now that I am a thorough recycling Nazi it is time to bring it up a notch. These are my hippie goals:

  1. Go no 'poo: This is to begin tomorrow when I get home to Knoxville. I will update my progress on this blog.
  2. Start a vermicompost bin on my patio: A vermicompost bin involves using red wigglers (worms) to compost the materials. This is an easy, small and fairless scentless method of composting suitable for apartments. I will be updating my progress with this as well.
  3. Start a patio garden: There are a ton of things I can plant and grow myself so what better way to use the fruits of my composting then by gardening?
  4. Get rid of caffeine/sodas from my diet: This will be the most difficult.
  5. Add more raw/natural foods to my diet: Probably the second most difficult

Well I have quite a list going. So I will try to update with regular progress reports from here on out. Wish me luck!

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